Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10 Office Efficiency Tips

 10 Office Efficiency Tips

Working efficiently in the office means getting things done in less time and boosting productivity. I would like to share some tips with you so that you can be a more efficient worker.

  1. To-do list: This list should be prepared in the evening in the previous day. The plus point is that you can go to bed with ease of mind because you have already taken care of the things to be done in the following day. The other good point is that next day you can go straight to work without wasting any time

  1. To-do file or follow-up file: It is a file similar in nature to your daily to-do list. The things to be done in the file are mostly recurring at fixed dates. It has two sections. One section is divided into 31 slots to cover 31 days of each month. The other section has twelve slots for twelve months in a year. At the end of a month, say, December, you transfer and file items relating to January into their respective dates. Upon completion of the to-do list for the day it is, again, filed in the January folder and ready to be used next year. This file complements your daily to-do list. You don’t have to remember the things you have to do but you will get things done by checking the file every day.

  1. Keep your desk neat and tidy: A cluttered desk gives an impression to others that you are not organized. You work better with only items relating to the task at hand. A clean desk gives you a feeling of calmness. A desk full of files and documents makes you feel stressful

  1. Effective filing system: Proper filing means you are able to retrieve a document easily and quickly when needed. A thick file with related documents is better than keeping related papers in many individual files

  1. Handle a document only once: Go through the in-tray quickly means going through the documents only once. By looking at each document decide at once to file, to reply or to act on it in due course.

  1. A time frame to complete a task: According to the Parkinson’s Law, “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” It is prudent to set a deadline to complete a task. You avoid procrastination and you get things done in less time.

  1. Do the most important task in the morning: By looking at the to-do list for the day, tackle the most important task in the morning. As your mind is fresh and your energy is at its peak, it is sensible and efficient to do the most difficult task first.

  1. Keep fit and be healthy: When you are fit and healthy it gives you the energy and the vitality to work efficiently in the office. Not only that, you are calm and able to concentrate better at work

  1. Handle interruption immediately: If it is something that can be done right away, do it immediately. Things like faxing a confidential document or making a copy of a letter. It can be forgotten when you decide to do it later.

  1. Delegate: When you delegate you have more time to attend to other important issues. Not only that, the person who is given the task is also motivated because he feels that the boss has the trust in him to do the job. It is a win-win situation

Your effectiveness in the office will be noticed by your boss because you always deliver completed assignment on a timely fashion. Over time, you will be trusted by your boss to get more important things done.

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