Friday, August 28, 2009

12 Tips to Take Care of Your Digestive System

 digestive system

A healthy body needs to be nourished by nutrients. A healthy digestive system will digest and absorb nutrients effectively.How do you take care of your digestive system? Here are the top tips:

1. Have each meal at the same time: Have each meal more or less at a fixed time; your digestive system will follow the timing to receive food and burn up calories. Do not eat more than enough and do not get yourself under hunger pangs.

2. Chew your food: Sit down and eat slowly to chew each mouthful. It is to assist digestion and absorption of the food.

3. Avoid spicy food: Eating too much sour and spicy food will hurt your digestive system. Avoid taking food that is too hot

4. Hygiene: Make sure that the food is clean so as to avoid food poisoning. Check and avoid consumption of expired items.

5. Oily food: Too much fried food will slow down the digestive process.

6. A healthy eating habit: Eat less sugar, salt. Eat sufficient protein and high fiber. Consume a lot of fruits and vegetables.

7. Too much medication: When you are on medication you harm the digestive glands in the stomach lining.

8. Oral health: Brush your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed. A proper set of teeth helps to chew food well and allows the stomach to do a proper job

9. Bowel movements: Avoid constipation and ensure regular bowel movement every day. This is my secret. I eat bananas to keep my system moving daily.

10. Manage your emotions: Your negative emotions such as stress will cause you to over eat or eat less. Learn to relax.

11. Exercise: Regular physical activities will enhance the working mechanism of the digestive system.

12. Eat less but more frequently: When you distribute your food consumption evenly, you body get a boost of energy every two to three hours. You are actually training your body to burn up calories at regular interval all day long. In this way you stay healthy and slim even though you are eating all the time

Look after your digestive system well in order to look after your health

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  1. This is an issue most of the people face. Most of the people get sick due to not having proper digest. These tips are really helpful and vital to follow.


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