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5 Secrets to Build a Strong Personality in Your Child

5 Secrets to Build a Strong Personality in Your Child

According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, personality is the various aspects of a person’s character that combine to make them different from other people. Personality is what others perceive you by the impression that you have given to them. Psychologists believe that it is during childhood that lays the foundation of a healthy development of a person’s personality. How do you promote a strong and healthy personality development in your child? Here are the 5 secrets:

1. Promote physical development: A healthy body with agility and flexibility in movement is prerequisite for a balanced development in your child’s personality development. It is important to ensure your child is sufficiently nourished with nutrients to build up his health. Encourage your child to play games and take part in physical activities to train his bodily capabilities.

2. Warm and tender love: It is during the infant period that mother should satisfy the psychological needs of your child. The warm embrace and tender stroking of your child is the right way to love your child. Avoid hurting your child. All these will facilitate the positive development of his personality.

3. A conducive family environment: A strong relationship between husband and wife will create a peaceful and serene situation at home. Apply a democratic style (see related post at the end of this article) to bring up your child. Provide appropriate motivation and reward your child accordingly. Let your child experience success so as to enhance his personality development.

4. Learn social networking techniques: One major development in childhood is to encourage a healthy relationship with his friends and classmates. A child’s social networking skills will benefit his relationship with others.

5. A happy learning environment: School is not only a place to develop children academically, but physically and their character building. Teachers should identify the strengths of each and every child and provide affirmation. Positive feedback will instill in a child a sense of concern for his family, society and promote self-worth and a feeling of personal responsibility.

Personality is a combination of a person’s character, appearance, mental and creative outlook, and the way he gets along with others and how he adjusts himself to the environment. It is also his motives, goals, interests, belief and his value judgment

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