Friday, October 23, 2009

5 Most Important Things in Life

5 Most Important Things in Life

There are many things in life we value. Apart from the air that we breathe in and we take it for granted, the rest of the things in life we have to nurture and take care. In life, there is always something to do, some one to look after (someone who cares for you), some money to spend, and some happiness to fill our time. These are some of the most wonderful things in life:

1. Health: A robust health and physical fitness is the single best thing that you can have in life. A healthy body is the single factor that makes it possible for you to make all other things to happen in life. Someone who has suffered and fortunate enough to recover from a serious illness will treasure and appreciate good health. You don’t have to fall sick to cherish good health. Just remember that health is the No.1 thing that makes life worth living

2. A great idea: An idea is the manifestation of your passion and interest. It is based on your imagination and creation of a thought. It is made possible because you have acquired vast knowledge and experience on a subject to work on. An idea is only useful when it is beneficial to others,

3. Relationships: It is between husband and wife. It is between parents and their children. It is also among friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers. Are you getting along well with others in your particular role? Success in life is very much depended on the relationships with people that you come into contact.

4. Financial freedom: It is actually a by-product of the idea created by you. Your idea, which is useful, brings success to others and in turn they bring wealth to you. The outcome is that you enjoy financial independence.

5. Happiness: Yes, good health, a cordial relationship with others and personal wealth do bring happiness to you. However it is the happiness from within your inner self that gives you lasting happiness and peace of mind. You can lose your material possession but you still can make up your mind to be happy. You can be happy to enjoy with what you have and to live in the moment to discover more happiness in life.

These important things in life are woven together; you can’t have one without the others. When you take good care of your health, it facilitates the creation of great ideas. You need the cooperation of others to materialize your idea. You serve the community well and in turn you get more out of life to create wealth. Life is beautiful when you always make up your mind to be happy.

This article is dedicated to Henry Zaini from Indonesia who inspired me to write this post.


  1. Health is always number one. However, I wholeheartedly agree with the 'great idea.' It's something I don't give much thought to; nonetheless nothing spurs passion for life like an idea that starts a flame and keeps burning. Great list.

  2. health + financial freedom are the most important things in life along with a good co-partner.if you have these things then what else u want???....


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