Monday, April 12, 2010

10 Advantages of Written Goals

Written Goals
Goals are wonderful tool in our life. It is the manifestation of our dreams, passion and interests. Written goals are even more powerful because they are precise, specific, measurable, and manageable with a deadline for each task. Here are the advantages to put your goals in writing:

1. Direction: It is like a road map to follow in the journey of life. You know exactly what you have to do at each stage of your life. It is written clearly and fully to be followed and the reasons to do it.

2. Measure progress: Like a budget, you can measure variances between actual performance and planned activities. From there you will take step to cover shortfalls and accelerate your progress in areas where you have done well

3. Hopes and expectations: You welcome each new day with zest. There are high hopes and great expectations in you. The written goals tell you that you are on the right track and nearer to your destination.

4. Meaning in life: Written goals give you a purpose in life. There is no more drifting aimlessly in life. Every day you stay focus to carry out your tasks.

5. Time table: You can see clearly your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and the yearly plans. It is well-scheduled and well-organized to be executed smoothly.

6. Review: At regularly interviews you will examine you goals in the light of prevailing situation and adjust accordingly.

7. Self-confidence: Getting things done at each stage of your life boosts your self-worth and self-esteem. You are very sure of yourself to tackle the tasks that lie ahead

8. Stay focus: Written goals are kept in view every day. It is a reminder of what needs to be done daily.

9. A source of motivation: I think the best thing about written goals is that you are motivated to do better and better with each passing day by looking at what you have achieved.

10. Inspiration: You are inspired to develop new goals upon successfully achieving existing goals

You get satisfaction and happiness just by looking at your written goals.

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