Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Getting Things Done – 10 Advantages of Happy People (Second of a three-part series in Happy People)


Getting things done means getting yourself organized for a day’s work by following the to-do list which you have prepared the day before. However, the execution of the tasks separates happy people from those who are less happy at work. Happy people do a better job than those who are not for the following reasons:

1. Creative: A free and uncluttered mind is the prerequisite to creativity. Happy people feel good about themselves and they are always looking for better ways of doing things. .Their mind is on the job and they are thinking about how they can work more efficiently.

2. Focus: They are able to concentrate and bring themselves into a state of flow while doing their work. There is nothing to disturb their peace of mind

3. Receptive to new ideas: They are open-minded, curious and are willing to learn new things. In this way they are able to accept new ideas and make changes to get things done more efficiently and effectively

4. Likable: Others are more attracted to people who are happy and cheerful. Happy people make those around them happy too. It is a conducive environment to get things done smoothly.

5. In the mood: They are always in a positive mood to take prompt action and go to work right away.

6. Satisfied: Happy people are upbeat about their own situation, they are contented. The happiness created in other areas of their life brings more happiness to their workplace. Their cheerful disposition promotes productivity

7. Positive outlook: They are not disturbed by problems at work. They accept them as part of their routine and they are resourceful to think of ways to resolve the issues.

8. Work with a more relax mind: Happy people don’t work under stress. They are cool, calm and collected at work and they have more energy, more alert and make fewer mistakes.

9. Happy in what they do: They are engaged and passionate to do what is expected of them. They do a thorough job the first time and every time.

10. Motivated and inspired: As happy people have achieved more success than those who are not, they are motivated to perform better than before at work.

The most important thing in life is to find happiness at work. Do something that you are interested in and passionately about. A happy worker distinguishes himself as a better worker from someone who produces mediocre work.

100 Simple Secrets of Happy People, The: What Scientists Have Learned and How You Can Use It

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