Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10 Simple and Effective Ways to Be Positive and Happy in Life

Ways to be positive and happy

Everything in life starts with a thought or an idea and the right thinking will create a positive frame of mind especially when you start a new day. As you are in full control of yourself you can choose (you should) to be happy and adopt a positive mental attitude. By feeling happy and thinking positively you will act, react, do things and express yourself in a delightful way. The best time to think of positive thoughts and be cheerful is when you wake up in the morning. Here are the 10 ways to be positive and happy about life:

1. Early riser: You know you are in full control of your life when you can wake up and get up early especially when you do not need an alarm clock to do so. You are way ahead of others who are still in bed. Doesn’t it impact you positively? Early risers have many advantages besides getting you into a right frame of mind to start a brand new day.

2. Morning rituals: Another way to enhance your positive outlook in life is your routines in the morning. When you wake up you fill your mind with encouraging thoughts: Tell yourself that it’s going to be a wonderful day and you are looking forward to another great day at work. Furthermore, when you get up, do Tai Chi or yoga to give you a calm and peaceful mind. All these will create positivity in your mind right from the beginning of a new day.

3. Behavior: Be zestful and smile at people .Do things with enthusiasm and full of energy. Focus on the task at hand and ready to overcome problems with creativity and resourcefulness. Talk energetically and convey your messages with conviction and determination.

4. Think of your successes and progress: Your success and progress in life are confirmation of your capability to do what you want to do in life. It will boost your self-image and your positive outlook in life.

5. Live in the moment: The past and the future do not worry you. Your mind is focus and you live the moment. At work, you concentrate on the job or you go slow to enjoy life when you are not working.

6. Read: Be motivated by words of encouragement in books and articles. Learn the success stories of great people in history. Be inspired and motivated to live life positively.

7. Exercise: One good thing about exercise is that it suppresses depression and put you in a good mood. Besides shaping you up, you will be alert and in top form.

8. Advance planning: A positive mindset will prevail when you don’t have to do things in a hurry or in a panic situation. In other words you are in full control. The only way to do it is to plan your day well by having your to-do list ready and follow accordingly

9. Hopeful: Positive thinking means there is always something good to look forward to in life; it may be about your career, your family or your well-being. You are upbeat about life.

10. Something to do: What interests you? What is the thing that makes you jump start a new day? It is your passion and interest. It is your goals and objectives in life. Your enthusiasm and eagerness to work on your project will boost your energy levels and also your positive mental attitude.

The most important thing is to start a new day with positive thoughts and cheerfulness to bring out the best in you positively.

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