Tuesday, August 24, 2010

15 Tips to be Happy at Work

Happy at work

To be happy at work does not start at the moment you step into your workplace. It starts with the moment you wake up. Also, happiness has more to do with what you are and what you do outside the workplace. These will impact your feelings and well-being positively or negatively at work. So, how to be happy and stay happy at work?

  1. Start a new day with a right frame of mind: When you wake up think of happy thoughts to start a new day cheerfully and feeling good about yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror with a broad smile. Be hopeful and ready to take on a new day confidently. 
  2. Fit and healthy:  A healthy body gives you more than just happiness, it supplies you the energy and the stamina to work under stress
  3. Home life: Are you happy at home? A happy home life will create a positive influence on your mood at work. You will just think about your job when there is nothing to worry about at home.
  4. Personal finance: Are you in debt? Clear your debt as soon as possible. Don’t allow people to look for you at the workplace asking for money. It will disturb you mentally and spiritually.  Can you be carefree and happy when you are in debt?
  5. Plan ahead and work ahead: One major factor of happiness is when you are in control at work. With the to-do list you know the very first thing to do and without further delay you just get into action. Happiness is getting things done smoothly.
  6. Tidiness: You spend one third or even more of your life at work. It makes sense to feel comfortable at work. Maintain a tidy work environment which will contribute to better efficiency and productivity.
  7. Think of positive aspects of a job: You have a positive image of yourself when you are holding a job. This is the place where you learn and grow your career and secure your future financially. You will also find meaning in life when you are working. You have a high self- esteem
  8. Enjoy and like what you are doing: Do you enjoy doing what you are doing at work?  If you don’t, most likely you are not happy at work. Look for another job to exhibit your talents and enjoy doing it.
  9. Personal development: Happiness is about learning new ideas and getting knowledgeable about the latest news and information. It is important to update yourself  to remain competitive  at work and be happy
  10. Be creative and innovative: It is a fun thing to create new ideas and better ways to do things. You will be more effective, efficient and productive. Keep challenging yourself  to find improvement  at work
  11. Take breaks between tasks: Don’t work continuously. It is counterproductive and put yourself under unnecessary stress. Have a coffee break or chat with your co-workers. Get away from your work station to have your lunch outside. It is an effective way to declutter you mind, feel relaxed and also recharge your battery.
  12. Mindful: Happiness promotes mindfulness. You just concentrate your mind on the task at hand. You get things done right the first time to avoid frustration and get you on your nerve if you keep making mistakes.
  13. Avoid negative emotions from entering your mind: Feeling angry about something or someone? Do not allow thoughts of revenge to disrupt your peace of mind. Replace your hostile thinking with forgiveness to regain your balance and be composed. 
  14. Take charge of your career advancement: Be proactive to achieve your objectives. Happiness is following your dreams to achieve your goals. You lead but not to be led.
  15. A balanced life: You are happy at work. It does not mean that you can do more or bring work home. Leave the work at the workplace and spend quality time with your family. Happiness is about a balanced life.  

Happiness is within your reach and you can be happy. Just do the right things every day to be happy and stay happy at work.
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