Monday, August 30, 2010

Happiness Checklist


Here is the daily checklist to be happy and stay happy:

1. Start a new day with positive emotions. Be cheerful, hopeful, delightful and feel good about yourself.

2. Solve a problem creatively and be motivated instead of dwelling on the problem and be unhappy.

3. Look at the bright side of things. Response to negative events positively. See the light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Count your blessings. Be grateful, appreciative and contented of what you have got out of life.

5. Perform random acts of kindness. Bring out the best in others by saying words of praise, compliment and encouragement to people you meet.

6. Perform daily exercise to keep you in top form. A healthy body and happiness go hand in hand.

7. Smile at people you meet. Spread happiness around and make others happy too.

8. Do daily meditation to stay cool, calm and composed.

9. Sleep well to rejuvenate and regain your energy and feel fresh

10. Spend quality time with family members to stay close to them. Fill the house with laughter and happiness

11. Contact and express your loving feelings to someone who means a lot to you

12. Take time to unwind and relax

13. Read a motivational quotation or a chapter of an inspiring book

14. Accomplish the most important task of the day according to your to-do list.

15. Go slow to marvel the wonders of nature such as the rushing waves to the shore, the full moon in a cloudless night and the cloud in all shapes and colors in the evening.

Please comment and add more to this list and spread happiness to more people

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