Friday, October 29, 2010

Reiki for Peace of Mind and Happiness


According to The International Center for Reiki Training, Reiki, is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. What can we learn from Reiki to promote peace of mind and happiness? Check out the following:

1.      Gratitude: Be thankful to God for your existence in this world. Be happy to live in abundance and be closely connected with you family members and others who are dear to you.

2.      Less worry: Enjoy living in the moment. Find pleasure in what you do every day. The future is not here yet and it is beyond your reach; the best thing is to live life fully now. The future will take shape in what you do now. You will reap what you have sown.

3.      Do not be angry or jealous: Peace of mind is shattered the moment you fill your heart with negative emotions such as hatred, anger and resentment. Forgive and forget to regain your inner balance and composure.

4.      Build a relationship with your work: Find meaning in what you do and be happy at work. Happiness is built when you are interested in what you do and enjoy the process of working. You will find better ways of doing things so that you are able to do less and produce more.

5.      Count your blessings: Being in good health and holding a job you like are the best things to happen to you in life. Be appreciative and enjoy what you have got. Be glad to be benefited by a circle of good friends

6.      Non-attachment: You have come into this world naked and you will be gone without taking anything with you. Peace of mind is about not attaching too much to your material possessions. The other thing is that you do your best and do not think too much of the outcome. You will accept calmly the results.

7.      Meditate: Do Tai Chi or yoga in the early morning to promote energy, calmness and reduce stress. Do it daily to promote inner peace.

8.      Less wants: Wanting less is getting more satisfaction and contentment in life. Peace of mind is prevailed when you want less and avoid getting into debt.  

9.      Kindness: Random acts of kindness cost you nothing. Just be alert in your daily life to lend a helping hand or say a few kind words to warm the heart and lift the spirits of others.

10.  Embrace nature: Admire, respect and appreciate the awesomeness of nature and its wonders. The only way to marvel nature is to slow down and live. Take you time to witness the rising and the setting of the sun. Look at the changing clouds in the sky and listen to the delightful chirping of the birds on the tress. Look and listen to the rushing waves to the shore in the evening and see the moon slowly appearing when the earth transforms itself slowly into total darkness in the skyline.

Peace of mind and happiness is living in harmony with nature and other human beings.

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