Monday, February 3, 2014

Happiness Tool: Mindfulness

Karen Salmansohn
My 3 year old son (Ari) and I were heading to daycare the other day – the same exact route we always go.
Yep. Every day, we walk down the same street to get there.
I like to talk with him, as we walk – always pointing out things to notice.
“Look at that poodle in a bright pink coat!”
“The air feels a little wet – like it could rain.”
“That woman we just passed smells like flowery perfume.”
So the other day it occurred to me to point out something entirely new to Ari. I pointed out how even though we always go the same exact path to daycare daily, things are always different – in some way – on this supposedly exact same path.
The people walking down the street alongside us are different people. The cars we’re passing are different cars and, thereby, lots of different colors. The weather in the air has a different temperature – and even a different smell sometimes. Our clothes are different. The conversation we’re having is different.
The possibilities in the day ahead of us are different.
I told Ari we should both be aware of what is different each day – because each day holds something new to see, something new to hear, something new to learn, something new to experience.
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